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Building Our Digital Future

Digital Infrastructure Group is your trusted partner for data infrastructure.

Site Development

Infrastructure Solutions

Asset Management


DIG is dedicated to redefining the digital landscape through our unwavering commitment to provide industry leading Data Infrastructure as a Service.

We are committed to creating a digital landscape where security, reliability, scalability, cost-efficiency, innovation and project satisfaction intersect seamlessly.


  • Security – One of our utmost concerns, we prioritize robust digital & physical security practices to protect our clients assets.
  • Reliability – DIG is committed to delivering data infrastructure solutions that fosters trust and operational excellence.
  • Scalability – Empower our clients to scale and adapt with data infrastructure, providing a pathway to long term growth and success.
  • Efficiency – Be the key driver of business optimization, directing resources where they make the most impact for the business and client.
  • Innovation – DIG is committed to staying at the forefront of technology to ensure our clients have access to the latest advancements that allow them transformative changes to their business.
  • Satisfaction – Customer success is our success at DIG, we are dedicated to providing turnkey data infrastructure solutions that seamlessly align with our clients goals while providing an unparalleled level of customer service.


  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Traditional Data Centers

Blockchain | Artificial Intelligence | Traditional Data Centers 

Blockchain | Artificial Intelligence | Traditional Data Centers 

Blockchain | Artificial Intelligence | Traditional Data Centers 

Blockchain | Artificial Intelligence | Traditional Data Centers 

Blockchain | Artificial Intelligence | Traditional Data Centers 

What We Do

Digital Infrastructure Group (DIG) offers a complete turnkey suite of services that are designed to deliver end to end data infrastructure solutions for businesses navigating the complex digital landscape.

Phase 1: Site Development

Our site development service ensures that businesses have the right physical environment for their digital operations to thrive. Phase 1 encompasses the entire process of setting up the physical foundations for digital operations including securing the ideal locations for data mining facilities, to the handling of the interconnection approval process and lastly, delivering a power supply partnership on the client’s behalf.

Phase 2: Infrastructure Solutions

Once Phase 1 is completed, DIG seamlessly transitions to the site engineering and construction phase – customized to the exact specifications approved by our clients. DIG’s commitment to excellence in facility engineering and construction ensures the delivery of cutting-edge mining facilities. Our team collaborates closely with various industry leading vendors to provide robust and resilient infrastructure solutions. These solutions are meticulously designed to empower data operators to maximize efficiency and minimize costly downtime. Furthermore, DIG offers clients the invaluable opportunity to remain at the forefront of the data mining industry by providing direct procurement access to manufacturers’ ASIC hardware, data software packages and advanced mining technology.

Phase 3: Asset Management

DIG provides an all-inclusive holistic approach to asset management that encompasses total energy optimization, facility maintenance oversight and complete turnkey operational services via strategic partnerships. Our dedicated team of industry professionals understand what each pivotal role plays in ensuring the security, reliability, efficiency, scalability, innovation and complete satisfaction of your digital infrastructure assets.

Data Infrastructure as a Service